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Used to safely and effectively push back cuticles. NEVER allow metal pushers to be used because they can potentially damaging cuticles. Wood stick also used to clean excess polish and clean under nails.
These sleek spa toe separators are designed to provide maximum comfort.
Professional-grade, used to cut and trim nails to perfect lengths.
Rubber grip for comfortable use.
NEVER allow files previously used on other people to be used for your pedicure. They pose a health risk as they harbor bacteria and germs.
Embedded sandpaper on one side, a metal rasp on the other. Used exclusively by professionals to slough off dead skin and remove calluses.
For smoothing nails and removing nail-file marks and grooves.
The top-of-the-line brand used by professionals. Used to buff and smooth bottom of feet, soften skin and remove discoloration. Never again allow the use of a pumice stone that has been previously used on another client.
For professional removal of extra tough skin and calluses. Not recommended for use on diabetics or individuals taking blood thinners.
Triclosin is 99.9% effective in eliminating disease and germs that cause fungi and bacteria. These sanitizing tablets thoroughly sanitize the basin/bowl and water. Simply drop one tablet into the basin for a pedicure and a half-tablet into the bowl for a manicure. Sanitizing tablets are safe for most water basins.
Used for final cleaning.
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At your appointment, you can rest your hands or feet on the Pedipack wrap, in place of the salon-provided towel.